Dr. Tiffany Green

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    Tiffany Green

    Dr. Tiffany Green graduated in 2002 from Western Washington University with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science. She then went on to graduate in 2006 with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California.

    Specializing in Active Family & Pediatric Chiropractic

    Dr. Green has attained certifications through the Academy for Chiropractic Family Practice and International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in Pediatrics (CACCP) and in the Webster technique; a technique specific to the needs of the pregnant patient. She's been working with infants, kids, pregnant patients and families for nearly 20 years.  For approximately 10 of those years she specialized in children with neurodevelopmental disorders.  Although this is no longer a specialty; Dr. Green enjoys seeing all of the kids in her practice and is confident and understanding when working with neurodivergent needs. 

    These days Dr. Tiffany sees a blend of clientele that she would term 'active family'.  She enjoys helping moms, dads, weekend warriors, athletes, recreational adventurists and kids of all ages chase their dreams and follow their passions.  Going after life comes with joy, excitement and sometimes setbacks in the form of injury, aches and pains.  Getting her patients back to what they love and back to what makes them whole is really what drives Dr. Tiffany in her practice.

    On a personal note

    Dr. Tiffany Green and husband Dr. Jason Green (also a Chiropractor) have two great kids; Zoey who is in Middle School and Zander who is finishing up Elementary.  The family enjoys skiing, camping, hiking and adventuring together.  They are a 'soccer' family 9 months out of the year traveling to competitive soccer games and growing soccer in their small community of Cle Elum Washington where the family resides.

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