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"I feel much better and get around more." -BD

"I regain my movement/flexibility. My low back is no longer the show stopper for any long haul and flight or hours of shopping." -CY

"I am now able to go and do many of the things I was unable to do. It has given a much improved quality of life." -Cheryl

"Pain-free; better range of motion; works wonderfully with yoga and aerobics! Most beneficial after pain-free and in conjunction with yoga-better balance and breathing." -Sharen

“It was very hard to deal with walking issues. Most people thought I should get a wheel chair. As a person diagnosed with a chronic illness, to get relief that’s lasting and developing is beyond all previous expectations.” -Maria

“I had burning pain in right shoulder and low back. I couldn’t look back, over my shoulder when driving and couldn’t lift anything over my head. I can look back and back out of my driveway now. I can lift things over my head. My hip and low back do NOT go numb…the burning pain is gone.”-Ali

“I was heavily medicated with vicodin everyday for migraines. I am dealing better with migraines.” -Bridgett

“I had hip pain that interfered with my athletic goals and weekly migraines. These held me back from doing things I wanted to do and frequent migraines are terrible. I no longer get migraines. Also, I was able to complete my first marathon without my hips giving me problems. Thanks for everything!” - Malya

I could hardly move my neck. Dr Green was a miracle worker. Not only could I move my head back and forth pain free I found other aspects of my life being more positive as well. Thank you Dr Green! - Tony

Chiropractic care with Dr Green has provided unbelievable relief for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. What a difference! - Kim

We love coming and visiting Dr. Green. He is always so patient with our 3 year old daughter who loves getting adjusted! - Jaime

I was a patient of Dr. Green after a car accident, during which I bumped and pulled my shoulder and neck. For over a month I wasn’t able to workout or lift not even heavy objects. Combination of massages and Dr. Green’s adjustments helped me go back to my daily routines. Dr. Green is a very professional and skilled chiropractor with a very positive attitude. - Daria

When my neck is tight due to tension, Dr. Green is able to get in there and relieve my symptoms. Dr. Green also alleviates the ankle discomfort I occasionally get from running. It’s awesome to feel good! - Tess

In the past 15 years or so I have often lived with a fogginess of mind as if I were in a fog bank seeing things in my mind with dullness of thought. Since I have come to Dr. Green, my mind has clarity of thought these past 3 weeks and I am able to quickly and with good mind conclude a situation or idea to its end. I have fresher mind set and better thought process in many areas that before I did not. My body is feeling better and because of the extra amount of blood flowing through my spinal cord whereas before it was pinched off on the right is now more active. In other words it has been a great sense of relief and thankfulness of being able to do what I use to do 20 years ago. Thanks. - Aaron

For most of my life I've been flipping, spinning, and balancing. I was a State Champion gymnast, competitive figure skater, and equestrian. And in 2006 I suddenly started having bad vertigo spells. I couldn't coach gymnastics or workout anymore. I was frequently dizzy, fighting the urge to throw up and after multiple doctors and tests (and hundreds of dollars in medical bills) I was still suffering from these symptoms and had no diagnosis. I figured that this is something I would just have to live with for the rest of my life and that I'd better get used to the mind-numbing anti-vertigo medications that I hated taking. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Green. He was no only able to explain to me WHY I was having these problems, but he formed a plan to fix it that made complete sense to me. After my first week of treatments I could do handstands again!! I'm beyond excited everyday I can spend without fear of doing normal tasks like turning around in a chair or taking an elevator because it doesn't make me dizzy anymore! I don't stumble and lose my balance as frequently and it's all because of Dr. Green! I have more energy and I'm feeling better than I did when I was 15. I can't thank Dr. Green enough! - Shandon

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